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shoreview shan

Wont Stop Records was founded in early 2001 by Shoreview Shan. While sitting in his bedroom at 30 Espanola #1 in the Heart of Hunters Point. Shoreview was the name that the O.G's gave to Shan when he was 12 years old. Living in San Francisco all his life he grew up with a city mentality to get money. The streets where cold in Frisco but that didn’t stop the rags to riches dreams the ghetto kids had to one day make it out the concrete jungle was there only American Dream. Shoreview Shan is a elite hip hop artist his rhyme skills are complicated yet elegant enough for the male and female young adults and old can learn detailed experiences of life in and outside of the urban life that so many live. Currently he is looking to offer mentor counseling to younger teenagers that need help transitioning in to adult hood. Guidance from some one that has been where there going is valuable and priceless when most times they listen better to the music artist then some one that is not knowledgeable yet have a degree to make them accessibly employable to talk the talk but has never walked the walk. Shoreview Shan is also the owner and founder of Wisdom Multi Media Group a design company based out of Jacksonville Florida that services company’s world wide with a global expansion. With focusing on internet marketing visual designing, branding and fashion its first launch will be a t-shirt line dedicated to the memory of his daughter Shanna Wisdom Siera. With 3 albums under his belt and a new album titled Calling Swipe Jones in the works he still delivers countless street tapes and mix tape projects and verses collaborating with other artist in Northern California and soon will be working with artist around the country as well as over seas. His new book witch will be self published threw his publishing company Living Legend publishing witch he also started in 2001 will be hitting selective store shelves in print physical copies as well as digital print available on kindle and I books as well as PDF files for those without the apps. You can listen to him read 20 minutes of the book right now on his YouTube channel just search under Shoreview Shan. Continue to follow this website for up coming shows and events that will be posted soon. Book signings and album tours will be coming to an area near you. - To Be continued